[081008/081015] Radio Star w/ SG Wannabe & Younha
January 29, 2010, 12:14 pm
Filed under: Radio Star, SG Wannabe, Younha

I know this is kinda old… like almost one and a half years ago, but! I just randomly watched it today cuz I felt like watching some SG Wannabe stuff and just came across this !

081008 – ONE TWO THREE
081015 – ONE TWO THREE
(eagruman @ youtube)

SG Wannabe & Younha ! All known for having amazing vocals ^^

I really like watching the special (little) stage performances by each person !~ I just find it soothing listening to them sing ~~ (and this always kinda bothers me, but, Yongjoon actually sings really well … so I wonder why he gets so little parts in their songs… ?)

Anyways~ I really want an SG Wannabe comeback soon ~~! And I also hope that Younha’s feeling better now ^^!