[100118] 지붕뚫고 하이킥 (High Kick Through The Roof) Ep 90
January 18, 2010, 4:26 pm
Filed under: High Kick Through The Roof, Hwang Jungeum

I know it’s kinda random starting a post from ep 90 xD! But just felt like putting this one up ~

(UmIIHQ @ youtube)

High Kick Through The Roof is like my current drama/sitcom obsession =P

My quick thoughts:

  • I used to really like the idea of Joonhyuk & Jungeum ending up together
  • Now I really love the Jihoon/Jungeum couple (transition happened suddenly … no idea why.)
  • I still really adore Joonhyuk (really cute !)
  • I don’t really like Sekyung for some reason … (something about her character kinda annoys me)
  • Which is why even though I want Jihoon&Jungeum to be together, I don’t really want the Sekyung&Joonhyuk pairing…
  • (Not part of the love square.. but) I don’t really have any super liking towards BEAST’s Ki Kwang, but I find Seho really adorable =P (is that odd?)
  • I don’t really have interest towards the Soonjae & Ja ock (how do u write out their names?) couple
  • I feel bad for Bosuk and how he gets treated (but he’s just kinda really stupid & clumsy at times xD)
  • Just kinda meh about the mom (forgot her name … lol)
  • Haeri can be annoying at times, but is sometimes really funny!
  • Everyone else is just kinda average for me xP lol

Anyways … off to the episode…

Awwww~~~ I feel so bad for Seho now >.<! But I was seriously waiting for someone (other than Jungeum’s friends) to find out that her and Jihoon were going out ! I want the household to know about their relationship !!~

Seho’s house (or at least his room) is finally revealed xD! Nice to know he writes random stories in his spare time =P And his stories were so cheesy… lol! Typical happenings in dramas hehe~! But as much as I find you cute … NO! You can’t have Jungeum ~~~~~~~! lol. I’m too attached to the Jihoon and Jungeum couple now ~! (For some reason I kinda wish that Yongjoon had another cameo on the show as like one of Jungeum’s ex-boyfriends or something xD)

And OMG! @ the preview ! I feel like I should know that it’s not actually gonna happen… but I’m still antsy about the next episode !

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