[100109] 아이돌 막내반란시대 (Idol Magnae Rebellion) Ep 10 Ft. MBLAQ
January 10, 2010, 11:13 pm
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(abmshows @ youtube)

YAY! MBLAQ + MagBanShi members = hilarity & craziness ^^ (And to think that I used to think that MBLAQ consisted of normal/sane people xD! Ah~ how I love my chic-dols turned gag-dols ! keke)

And I really hope that Mir would join the show cuz he is one crazy & hilarious magnae and he would fit right in with the others xD!

And ahahahaha !!! That intro video has got to be one of the randomest things ever xD! Haha … Jinwoon seemed like he liked it =P! LOL !~


(I should be doing my hmk right now … but ended up on here … so only a short spazzing moment for this post xP lol)

That balloon game is just so ahahahah….. ! I was reacting like all the other guys as the balloon was getting bigger & bigger >.<! lol.

And for that wrestling(?) game, wow! Some of the matches were just weird & funny, but Seungho like K.O’d Dongho in one shot !!! Never expected that from leader-sshi o.o! lol. WOW!!! (hehe ~ enjoying my little Seungho obsession right now xD!)

Anyways .. MBLAQ’s appearance is continuing to next week’s episode ^^~

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