[091223] MBLAQ @ 아이돌 군단의 떴다! 그녀 시즌 5 (Idol Army Show Season 5) Ep 2
December 23, 2009, 11:52 pm
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(abmshows @ youtube)

Woot~! Today’s guest was Secret !~

Ahh~! How I love these boys xD!!!!

Some highlights (from what I can remember … I only watched this like a few hours ago … but my memory can get very hazy sometimes xP lol)
And this is also in no particular order:

  • Joon’s intro dance xD!!! (although the clip doesn’t actually show him fully falling, it starts off with him on the ground already xP) I swear I thought he was one of the sane members when I first started getting into MBLAQ … but boy was I wrong about that xDxDxD lol! He falls right from the start (the fall from the beginning of his dance =P) and then he seems to be trying too hard, but he’s still cute for trying ^^~ The other members side comments were just funny, and then that little clip of Rain xD!!!
  • Mir’s dance was also really crazy & hilarious !!!! You’d think for once he’s actually being serious, but no, he just can’t hold back his crazy personality xD!!!!~~~ hehe!
  • Seungho’s flip ! Woah! In the beginning I thought that he landed like that one purpose, but omg… he could’ve gotten really hurt >.<!
  • Oh! And Seungho’s gift for the girls … *drumroll* underwear ! lol!
  • And Joon’s letter was such fail … =P Using part of the “Oh Yeah” lyrics in the beginning of the letter was fail! as well xP I love ya Joon, but the letter was kinda …… uhhh….. KKEUT !!! haha ~! His “끝’s” are just always very adorable ! Just end an awkward moment with a plain and simple “끝!” lol~!
  • Thunder trying to act tough by doing Joon’s “You shouldn’t do that” line xD It turned out being cute in the end =P There are just some people that whatever they do, it always just looks cute in peoples eyes !
  • The boys being all mean to Mir by beatboxing super loudly and making random noises while he was trying to rap >.< I wanted to hear more of his rapping ~~~~~!
  • G.O’s random aegyo xD ! You’ll get it when you see it !
  • And Seungho’s inability to do aegyo xD!!!! His apparently non-existent aegyo was actually reeeaalllyy cute xD!!! 아잉 ! <3333
  • Ahh~ and more Joon fail xD He was doing the splits, but in the end he just ends up splitting his pants xD
  • Seungho’s piano playing (+ DoongDoongie’s little playing at the end) ~~~~~~~! Pro-ness … wish I could play the piano … why in the world did I stop taking lessons ??? >.> lol. I am really liking Leader these days ~~~!
    (멋있어 ~ 양승호 <333 I’m really feeling Seungho these days (I know I just said that like one line up) ^^~ But, who can resist him? lol)
  • Oh~~! I just remembered ! Joon’s 5 set of aegyo <3333 He was gonna do 10, but G.O kinda stopped him … lol!! But the 5 were so cute !!! I should make my own screencaps of them xD! Unless someone made some already in like HQ and is willing to share them =P ! They were just some of the cutest expressions ever ^^~
  • and more ~~~~~~~~!

Can’t think of other stuff right now !

But I feel bad that Seungho always seems to get last place for something during both episodes that have aired so far … (although Thunder was picked as last place overall by the Secret members xP) But he did look cute in that hat =P

Ahh!~ And Joon was picked as first place & boy did he look happy ^^ LOL ~!

Can’t wait for next week’s episode !!~~


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