[091216] Melon Music Awards Opening Stage — Digital Generation Band (DG Band)
December 17, 2009, 6:11 pm
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I haven’t gotten to watching this awards show yet … and I dunno when I’m gonna get to it … but it’ll probably be like sometime next week !

credit: bluprincez @ youtube

I love the song !!! And I had NO idea that this song was originally in english and that the korean one was a remake o.o! Although I had felt like I had heard the song somewhere else before xP! lol.

I thought it was a good performance ^^ Minnie & guitar = <3333


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i think that is the original version..
it sang by a band called Blondie..
the real vocalis is a girl..but she is so awesome..
and i’m sorry, i think the girl vocalis, IRIS’s Juni, not as awesome as the real vocalis..

but after all.. Minnie and his guittar are the oasis..^^

Comment by nda

oh ~ i see !
cuz i kept thinking that the korean vers. was the original, but in the back of my mind i felt like i had heard it somewhere before xP

hehe, yea ~ Minnie with a guitar is really JJANG !!! ^^

Comment by xitsyou

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