Video of the Week ! #6
December 9, 2009, 3:56 pm
Filed under: Misc., SS501

Why do I keep forgetting about this post? >.< ! I keep starting things and then not continuing them …

This one is for the one I forgot last week, so another one for this week is gonna come very soon !

credit: danger1106 @ youtube

Ahahahahha ! Oh ~ Jungmin !~ xD!

And LOL @ Kyujong & Hyunjoong like literally ROFLing xDxDxD!!!!

And A’ST1 is just like  O_o? What just happened ??? haha ~!

(On a side note, such a shame that A’ST1 was disbanded … Although I was never a major fan of them, it’s still sad to see a group going apart >.<! And I also think that A’ST1 would’ve been able to become bigger if they were being promoted more effectively than they were … I also think that DSP should’ve payed more attention to A’ST1 instead of focusing only on SS501 & Kara, since they’re more popular atm (FYI, I like both these groups, so not hating on them or anything by saying that), and making Rainbow (who I just don’t really have any interest in … Gossip Girl is just not a very good song … to me at least)

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