Video of the Week ! #10

credit: silvaesedai @ youtube

I find this video amusing for many reasons xD!

  1. Jo Kwon’s dancing is always fun to watch (especially cuz of his facial expressions xD)
  2. Hwang Jungeum’s dancing is just so … lulzy & cute !
  3. Just for the fact that Seulong just keeps appearing on the show randomly all the time =P
  4. And after being a ballad singer for 6 years, “Yong-Dragon” makes an appearance !!!~

I’m sad that they’ve ended their fake marriage on the show cuz I really enjoyed watching their segments !
But now they can get back to dating without all the cameras and people watching them, which would be more comfortable for them ~~~

[091226] 아이돌 막내반란시대 (Idol Magnae Rebellion) Ep 8
December 29, 2009, 11:36 am
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(ohriman @ youtube)

So the setup has been permanently changed??? NOOO!!!! I know this is kinda repetitive, but I just really would like to have the normal setup back !!! >.<!

And is Yunhwa like gone? As in permanently gone? Cuz he hasn’t been here for a while o.o?

Anyways, I actually haven’t watched it yet — getting to it right now! (or maybe a bit later … cuz I’ve kinda been going through this “High Kick Through The Roof” phase which makes me wanna keep watching that… but oh well… maybe I’ll give it up for the magnaes xD)

OH! And I gotta watch the SBS Gayo Daejun too !!!!!!! So excited about it!!!! I have high expectations for this show cuz of the awesomeness that was last year’s Gayo Daejun !!!!

December 25, 2009, 12:00 am
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We I wish you a merry christmas !
We I wish you a merry christmas !
We I wish you a merry christmas !
And a happy new year !!!

(*I wish you a merry christmas cuz it’s only one person, me, who updates this blog =P)

So I hope everyone has a happy holidays ^^
Enjoy your Christmas (or if you don’t celebrate it, enjoy your Hanukkah, etc… :D)
And I hope everyone will have a happy new year !
I know that I can’t wait for 2010 to start !
After the somewhat incredibly crappy year that this has been for kpop, I can’t wait for the next year to come so that everything can start fresh, and hopefully things can start going uphill again :)

So here’s to the new year & and all the goodness to come !!!!~


Video of the Week ! #9
December 24, 2009, 12:00 am
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credit: randy19974 @ youtube

I just have one two things to say:

  1. The Almighty Key!
  2. ahahaha!!! Seunghyun !!!!!


[091223] MBLAQ @ 아이돌 군단의 떴다! 그녀 시즌 5 (Idol Army Show Season 5) Ep 2
December 23, 2009, 11:52 pm
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(abmshows @ youtube)

Woot~! Today’s guest was Secret !~

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[091219] 아이돌 막내반란시대 (Idol Magnae Rebellion) Ep 7
December 21, 2009, 1:51 pm
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So it’s a continuation of last week’s episode !

(jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube)

So I guess the new setting is permanent …. *sigh* …. Don’t mind me … I just have a thing against big changes to shows that I really like …. xP

I just really liked it when it was just the magnaes there … Oh! And I really like Yoo Seyun as the MC, but now they’re adding Jung Ga Eun as the female MC or something …. >.<! Oh well … what can I do when they were doing well with viewers in their teens and now they’re trying to get viewers from the 20s & 30s range … I liked it better before … it just had its own … flavour (?) … and now it’s becoming like just another Korean variety show xP Maybe that’s just cuz I was one of the viewers in their teens and now that they’re trying to get viewers in their 20s & 30s … it’s kinda getting a bit >.<! for me …

Anyways… don’t mind my little rant-y thing there — the shows still fun to watch & I’m still gonna watch for the sake of the magnaes cuz they make everything funny (not saying that the other people aren’t funny in their own way, but I just like the young people humour better xD) ^^~

OH! And I wasn’t attentively watching the preview for next week … so I have no idea if Yunhwa was there or not … Is he still on the show and was just missing for these 2 episodes? o.o I hope he comes back soon ! :)

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[090926] We Got Married
December 19, 2009, 11:05 pm
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No YT upload … xP!

I know this is from a long time ago, but I just ended up watching it today xP!

And (just mentioning that I only watched the Yongjoon&Jungeum parts =P) Jungeum’s events for Yongjoon’s birthday were sooo touching and sweet ^^~

Especially the elevator event ! It must have been so tiring for her, but she kept going cuz of her love for Yongjoon :) That part of the show like really touched me ~ ♥

And my heart was just like “awwwww~~” when it showed how he was so worried for her and how he was gonna start crying in the elevator … I just really like watching them together ^^ I like the fact that they’re actually a real couple ~~!

Just watching that part made me feel like “*sigh* this makes me feel like falling in love right now & having a relationship like these two >.<!” Well … ’tis the season lol … it’s like … it’s Christmas time, and how nice would it be to have a boyfriend right now ! lol =P A guy like Yongjoon would be really nice ^^

My ideal type of guy keeps changing like so often xD! I’d be like, “I like Sungmin’s style”, then it’d become “a guy like tablo would be really nice”, which then changes to “maybe someone like Taecyeon ~” and then “Mir would be fun to be with !” and “Yongjoon is just really nice & sweet” etc etc etc…. lol!


김용준 황정음


[091219] 세바퀴 (Sebaqui (Quiz to Change the World)) — Park Kahi (After School) Dance Cut
December 19, 2009, 10:48 pm
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credit: Mihyejung @ youtube

Woot !~ I really like Kahi — she’s just a really powerful dancer, she’s a great singer & she’s really pretty as well ^^

All the guys were just so into her dancing! ~ And LOL @ the guy who knocked over his table xD!!!

Park Kahi JJANG !! <333


인연 만들기 (Creating Destiny) Ep 20 & 21 Preview
December 18, 2009, 10:09 pm
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credit: sesalways @ youtube

OMG! What’s gonna happen ?!?!?! Can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode to come out !!!!!

I swear a few aspects of this drama kinda bug me, such as some characters and situations (but in spite of these, I still love the drama ~~), but the main reason for me watching this is that I must continue watching for the sake of Yeojoon & Sangeun !!! <3333 I love watching the drama surrounding them and seeing how they start to fall for each other and stuff ^^~ It’s just so sweet to see them together :)

Best of DJ Tukutz! / 투컷 콘서트 영상 모음!
December 18, 2009, 9:54 pm
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I swear I had this posted yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t go through o.o?! Unless my brain is just being bleh lately and I didn’t notice that I didn’t actually press publish >.> lol…

New video update from mapthesoul ^^

credit: mapthesoul @ youtube

It’s a video dedicated to DJ Tukutz (who, I think you all know, is in the army right now), saying “DJ Tukutz… We miss you!”

And indeed we do ! I miss you, we miss you, everyone misses you ! And I can’t wait until you return and Epik High can be one again !!! Even though I know that it’s gonna be a while before that can happen (in 2012 .. if I’m not mistaken is when he’s going to be discharged from the army >.<).

Two Years …

I’ll be waiting !