[091128] Mir & Thunder @ Star Golden Bell + [091127] After School – Because of You @ Music Bank + [FANCAM] C.N Blue Kwangjin & Yonghwa + [091121] K.Will @ KJE’s Chocolate

Just a bunch of random videos that I have just watched recently or haven’t gotten to posting them up from a while ago =P


credit: absolutemblaq2 @ youtube

Ah~ Mir xD! Or should I say “Bang Chul Yong” =P! He’s really just a one-of-a-kind person ! Haha! And DoongDoongie was cute imitating that squid guy(whose name I don’t remember …) from Dooly xD!




credit: AFSCtv2 @ youtube

Yay ! They’re back ! But kinda sad that Soyoung is gone now >.<! I haven’t been really keeping up with the new members so I don’t really know much about them right now ~ xP! And I almost did not recognize Jungah !! Her hair !!~~~

And I know I kinda said this a few times before, but, I still don’t think UEE seems to fit with the group … It’s not like I hate her or anything … she did pretty well as her character in You’re Beautiful … It’s just something that I can’t quite pinpoint …

And I also miss their older song styles like for “Ah” !~ I loved the strong dancing and vocals from then. But this song is still good ! It’s just that I wanna see that style from them again xD!


C.N BLUE – “WHEREVER YOU WILL GO” COVER (Originally by: The Calling)

credit: cnbluesky @ youtube

AHH!! adlfsjfahgkdshlf;a !!!!~~~~~ I LOVE THIS SONG !!!! And I really LOVE that CNB did a cover of it ^^! The fancam’s only of Kwangjin & Yonghwa, although the other members, minus Jungshin, are there. This was a performance that they had in Korea before heading to Japan.

There’s some kind of snapshot/picture-taking thing going on around the end of the fancam … it’s kinda distracting, but it’s still okay xP!



credit: chriscorpius1 2 youtube

^^ I love his voice !~~ And his dancing isn’t bad for a guy who only sings ballads xD!


credit: CodeMonmonSeason5

It’s actually refreshing to hear this song done by a guy with such good & strong vocals ! I have to say that this song was okay, not my favourite or anything, but it really is different hearing it sung by K.Will. Don’t get me wrong! I love BB and G-Dragon, but the two guys have such different vocal abilities and styles, and I have to say that I kinda liked K.Will’s version better! And that blonde wig is just so jks LOL! And he incorporated “Abracadabra” & “Again & Again” into the dance =P!

K-DRAGON ! <33 ^^

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really love c.n blue right now!!!!!!!!!! cant stop from listening their songs =)
yonghwa….love your voice soooooo much!!

Comment by jujo

yea !~ they’re like my musical obsession right now ^^
and yonghwa’s voice is just so ~~~ lovely <333
i can't wait until they actually make their debut in korea, though ! ~

Comment by xitsyou

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