[091126] 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) Ep16 [LAST EP] + BTS + Random Scenes From The Drama

마지막 회 …

It’s finally … THE END for A.N.JELL >.<!

Although I soooooooo wish it wasn’t …

(tranthuynga @ youtube)

I TOTALLY need more … it just did not feel very last episode-y to me … I felt like there could have been more shown about the life of A.N.JELL with the actual Go Minam and what’s been going on in Shinwoo’s life, & Jeremy’s life … Gahh! It just didn’t feel as fulfilling as I wanted it to >.<!

The last episode felt kinda like … OMG! that was the end? that’s it? It felt waaayyyy too short … I need more closure from Shinwoo & Jeremy (although the scenes that did include Jeremy were so funny xD He keeps getting picked up and dragged around like he’s a little kid =P And once again, Shinwoo is the first to realize that Minam’s actually Minyeo ! The intense staring at her face while at the restaurant … you could totally tell that he knows ^^). But the rest was just obvious from a long time ago — that Taekyung would end up with Minyeo ! And if you’ve been reading my spazzes about the drama, you’d know that I’m a really big Kang Shinwoo + Go Minyeo fan! I was still rooting for them even though I knew that it was literally impossible for it to happen, but you know, a girl can dream xD! But… I guess I’m kinda happy for TK + MN (*kindaaa lol ! You know, I cant abandon the Shinwoo ship and jump aboard the Taekyung ship just like that ! xD)

And I just had this thought that it would be really nice to end off the drama with all of them in the last scene having a performance ! Cuz the whole drama revolved around the band A.N.JELL, so I would’ve liked to see it end with all of A.N.JELL having a good time; smiling, singing, playing their instruments, & Minyeo happily singing along with the fans or something where it shows everyone being happy … ! But oh well… what can I do >.<! lol.

And I’m kinda sad that there were no scenes whatsoever showing Minam & Minyeo together …

But overall ! I REALLY REALLY REALLY loved this drama ! I know people kinda say that it’s like the 2nd Boys Before Flowers … I watched both and i personally think that MiNam was MUCH better than KkotNam … It’s just sad that MiNam couldn’t get higher ratings xP Cuz I really thought that this was a totally great drama! I sooo want it to win a ton of awards … but I dunno if that would happen … ^^;;

And OMG! I still haven’t gotten around to getting the OST for this drama >.<! I seriously love all the songs & they all fit so nicely with the drama!

사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo):

  • Go Minam/Go Minyeo
  • Kang Shinwoo
  • Jeremy
  • Hwang Taekyung
  • Cordi/Stylist Noona
  • Manager
  • Company President
  • etc.. etc…
  • LOVE THE CAST & STORY !!! <333333333333333

Behind The Scenes & Making Of, Etc… …
Filming of the LAST EPISODE !!! >.<
[미남TV] Making of You’re Beautiful
[미남TV] Making of You’re Beautiful
Making video of Jeremy ! 제르미시네요 ! ^^
[091126] ETN News – A.N.JELL Concert

The manager & stylist’s random imagination scene from ep 15 xD

Apparently it’s a parody of a pomegranate CF which has Lee Junki in it xD

Apparently this one is a parody of a Maxim T.O.P coffee CF with Wonbin and Shin Minah

This one’s not a parody, just fully the manager and stylist noona’s random imagination xD ~

Scenes uploaded by: cheryl1988 @ youtube

Another Parody !!! xD

credit: raine210 @ youtube


What am I gonna do after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays that will make me have something to do so I don’t have to start my homework right away xD!!!!????!?!?!?!?!? lol jk =P!

But seriously, my Wed. & Thurs. are gonna feel empty now ….

And finally…

내가 티비에서 직접 못봐서, 업로드해신분들에게 모두다 진심으로 땡큐 ! ^^

그리고, 미남이시네요 만들어서 ~ 감사감사 ㅋㅋㅋ
그동안, *너무* ~ 재밌게 봤습니다 !!!
미남이시네요 만든 모두 스태프 그리고 연기해주신분들에게 — 감사합니다ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ !!!
사랑해요 !
파이팅 !

안녕 ~~~~!

Just a little thank you message to all the uploaders who made it possible for me to watch this drama ^^
And to all the staff & actors who made this drama possible ^^

I’ll miss “You’re Beautiful” a lot !!!!
But thank you for making it and adding a little extra joy to my life =P ~~~!

The story of A.N.JELL will definitely not stop here ~!
I have a feeling that even though the drama is over, they’ll pop out from time to time. Whether it be from more videos, just talks about it, or whatever … A.N.JELL & Minamishineyo will never fully end ! ^^



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totally agree with your summary…….it’s left to open and i’m with you i’m a shinwoo minam fan….lol i hope thy win best couple at awards….heheheh god bless

Comment by latish

Yeah… I totally thought that the last episode could’ve been way more dynamic and could’ve tied up all the loose ends >.<
and yes! I totally do wish they could win a couple award … But seeing as they were never actually a couple, I dunno about the possibility of that happening xP …

Comment by xitsyou


Comment by กนกพร

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