[091115] 아이돌 막내 반란시대 (Idol Magnae Rebellion) Ep2
November 17, 2009, 5:03 pm
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(jinnienomuyeppo02 @ youtube)

All so cute ^^

Aww~ Seunghyun >.<! Just not his day? Being like the only one to drop in his search ranking & he didn’t get to finish his performance cuz he was told to go back ! (Don’t worry Seunghyunnie ! I’ll take you ~~~ lol.) I kinda wish that Minhwan was on this show too cuz he is technically the magnae of FTI. But! Seunghyun is just so entertaining to watch with his randomness and 16D personality ~! While Minhwan would just be really crazy and aegyo-ing all the time on the show … which may result in one of Jinwoon’s kicks xD! (You’d understand if you’ve watched the first ep’s part where he was talking about Seulong =P)

Also, LOL @ Jinwoon =P! The cardboard cutout of Lee Seung Gi was chosen over him xD!

And I’m really starting to like Yunhwa, T-Max’s magnae ~~! His voice is really nice <3

Shorry J is just like such a cute (if I remember this properly) 28 year-old magnae ^-^*

And Dongho is just so cute ! And even in MagBanShi (*막반시 short form of the show’s title that they use on the show ~ “What time is it? It’s MagBanShi !!” xD [sounds better in Korean though lol ~]) he’s still the magnae ^^

I still remember when Minhwan was like the magnae of all idol groups … and then that got taken over by Taemin … and now it’s Dongho and a bunch of other ’94ers o.o! When I first found out Minhwan’s age last year (it was before his birthday) and found out that he was FIFTEEN!!! like I was just like O_O!!! And now ~ so many young people =P! Makes me think of how they’ve done so much and are chasing their dreams at this age and I’m just being all BLAH ~ and not doing anything xP


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