[091028] MBLAQ On ChinChin Radio
October 28, 2009, 6:24 pm
Filed under: MBLAQ, Radio Shows

MBLAQ <333 ~*

Gotta watch this quickly then start my homework @-@!

Click more for the videos ! (They’re all in embedded format just to tell you and there’s 7 parts)

credit: DKYangKR @ youtube

You know what makes me happy? The fact that Leader even mentioned that they don’t use autotune for their singing ! That makes me happy ! The kpop scene is oversaturated with autotuning in the songs… When did this autotune stuff start? I don’t remember that many people using it like only a year ago … and now it’s an explosion … none of the songs don’t have it … give or take a few. I liked it better before this autotune craze started ….!

Chundoong seemed kinda quiet today, but he says it’s cuz of the clothes he’s been given to wear ! It brings his mood down or something, so Taeyeon said that next time they should make him wear white instead ^^ lol!~ So his clothing affects his mood !

LOL! I loved the part where the one member had to write an intro for another member and they had to read it =P ! They made up some random stuff — like in G.O’s intro, Mir wrote for him that he’s jealous of Mir’s chest xP lol! (He seems to be mentioning his chest a lot =P)

Performances & etc… were all ! <333

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