[091024] SHINee Cuts on Star Golden Bell
October 24, 2009, 12:32 pm
Filed under: SHINee, Star Golden Bell

Part 1:
Part 2:

credit: wefly2thesky @ youtube

I haven’t watched it yet, cuz I wanted to watch the full thing instead of just the cuts, but I couldn’t find the full show on youtube so … later? lol.

I watched like little bits of the cuts and they are so adorable xD

And I’m also really happy to see Ji Sukjin back as part of Star Golden Bell, but I’m also SOOO sad that Kim Jedong isn’t there anymore !!! Why ?!?!?! He was like the life of the show & and I loved him with Ji Sukjin as well! And now that thing of whoever is the female announcer with Jedong, ends up getting married thing won’t be there anymore =P ……… :(

Ahh! And they got rid of Nicole’s Level With Me corner so now she’s not SGB’s mascot anymore!! And plus, that segment was always funny…. Too many changes …. AHH! Oh well, at least she’s still there as one of the guests for this episode.

Anyways, for something happy, ONEW WAS THE GOLDEN BELL WINNER! Smart Ondubu <333

(OH! And remember — 2PM’s on Infinity Challenge today !!! Don’t forget to watch, I haven’t yet, but I will !!!~)

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