[091019] K Star Magazine — Legend of Rainism in Seoul (MBLAQ Interview)
October 21, 2009, 5:36 pm
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credit: biblueberry03 @ youtube

I’m not saying that I’m an MBLAQ fangirl or anything, but you know, since I like Rain and all, might as well give them a shot xD!

When I first saw their pics and stuff before they debuted, the first member that caught my eye was the one that ended up leaving the group >.>

But now from just their appearances because I don’t really have any other ways to judge them (I’ve only watched one of their performances so far & this short interview of them) I kinda like 미르 (don’t know how he spells this in english ~!), but you know, that is subject to change as I see more of them !

Well, we’ll see if I end up liking them or not because right now it’s too early to tell !~

(and Rain is also in the clip too =P 사랑비 <3 xD [random play on words from Kim Taewoo’s “Love Rain”])