[091019] SHINee on Global Talk Show (미녀들의수다)
October 20, 2009, 4:52 pm
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credit: TYPICALpocky @ youtube

ahaha ^^

I just love how ironic the captions on the shows can be xD

When Jung Joori was asked what good points Onew has, she said that he’s soft/gentle and the captions that they added were saying something like, “Onew’s not even tofu” =P

And we all know that he’s our DUBU <333 lol (in case you don’t know, DUBU = TOFU ^^)

And LOL @ Minho too ! The MC asks if he knows women, and he answers “Yes!” and when asked, “a woman is?” he answers, “something different than men” =P lol ! cute <333

Oh yea! Jonghyun was there too, but he didn’t really do much according to this clip (which is the only one I watched of them on the show xD) except sing a bit of “Replay” with Onew and Minho!

Also, seeing them not during the performances and in shows and stuff instead, their hairstyles and stuff don’t actually look bad =P


(and i can’t wait for their appearance on SGB as well ~! …)