“You’re Beautiful” OST — Miss $ and Oh Wonbin -하늘에서 내려와 (Coming Down from the Sky)
October 14, 2009, 5:42 pm
Filed under: Oh Wonbin, OST Songs

OH … MY … GOD … !

credit: ifaah15 @ youtube

*SPAZZ* He’s back !!! He’s finally in something !!! He’s just here !!! In the present !!! Singing !!! WONBIN !!! OH MY GOD !!! *happy :)*

As you all (or most of you) know, Lee Hongki is in the drama 미남이시네요 (You’re Beautiful) ! And I guess this is a way of Wonbin to lend his support to his former fellow bandmate ^^ (and to show us fans that he’s still out there and alive >.< lol).

The song seems kinda more “pop-ish” than the songs that I’m used to hearing him in (ie. FTI songs ~)

OH! How I hope that this isn’t just a one time thing and that he’s actually gonna come out with something in the near future ! I’ve been Wonbin-deprived for way too long >.<! But I’ve always imagined him as being more of the rocker type. Like I’ve always seen him as the rocker of the group when he was still in FTI. Maybe it was his sense of style or something, but I always got that vibe from him. So if he does make a comeback/solo debut, I’d be expecting some kind of a rock-style music.

Well anyways, I’m just glad to know he’s alive and well ! And I hope that he’s enjoying life !

(I have no idea whether I should place his name in under the FTI heading in my categories or to put him by himself … cuz I still got that Wonbin & FTI thing … and it feels like he’ll be all alone if I put him by himself … *well it’s just a category for a blog… why am I thinking about this so deeply? lol* Well… he was part of FTI, I dunno… lol)

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