2009 — The Rise of the Girls, The Fall of the Boys >.<
September 22, 2009, 4:40 pm
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So I just got to thinking …

2009 really was the rise of the girl groups with so many of them debuting and having massive popularity (2NE1, 4minute, T-ara, etc…) and so many of them returning (Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, Kara, etc…) and reigning over the music scene for a big chunk of time !


The guys…. one by one since the year started, bad news just keeps popping up everywhere … where should I start …

  • So when everyone keeps thinking about the stuff going on now, it started off at the beginning of the year with the news that Oh Wonbin was leaving FT Island …
  • Then skipping all the way to the summer (cuz i can’t rmb wat was going on in the months between >.>) Daesung was involved in a car accident >.< (hope he’s making a good recovery and that he fully heals =D)
  • DBSK ! … Their problems with SME and their contract that caused a lot of fuss and tears (keeping the faith !) ~ …
  • Then there were the plagarism problems with G-dragon in his upcoming solo album …
  • Messages that Jay wrote years ago during his trainee days resurfaced online and netizens and people alike were all going crazy over it … Crazy enough to even start a suicide petition for Jay (I mean c’mon !!! who does that … that’s just immoral and wrong >.>)
  • A few days later, it was revealed by Jay himself that he was leaving 2PM and would be returning to the states.
  • Not a good time to be the rest of 2PM, as the fans are currently undergoing a boycott … (i know you guys all want Jay back, and so do i, but, we shouldn’t be taking it out on the rest of the guys … it’s not their fault and they all worked hard to get to where they are … and they’re probably just as sad if not more that Jay’s gone, and they would love it if he returned …)
  • Ok, so then there was news of SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong being diagnosed with H1N1 (or swine) flu … caused quite a scare, but glad he’s okay now !~
  • AND THEN…. the assault charges placed on Kangin @_@ (too much bad news to handle) … hopefully he gets out of this okay (cuz I doubt that he’d do all this when he’s a celebrity + and idol star, and knowing what he has on the line) fighting kangin !!!~

So HOPEFULLY … during these last few months of 2009 … NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS …. cuz a fangirl can only take so much bad news >.<

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