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September 8, 2009, 5:22 pm
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I don’t get it … Sure, it might’ve hurt the prides of many and yea … maybe a lot of people felt bad or angry because of it … but …

I just don’t understand … it was a mistake — and a mistake made during hard times and a mistake made a long time ago … I’m pretty sure that everyone feels that way one time or another and however you choose to express it is your own decision … And he could’ve maybe not have expressed it like that …

But … I don’t think it should be this big of a deal… I mean, why is everyone going soooo overboard… Especially the netizens … I mean come on, I read about this and was like “WTH”, don’t you think that a petition to get him to suicide is going a little way overboard? I mean, COME ON … he even apologised for everything already and I’m sure he feels bad enough as it is … Isn’t telling someone to literally go and die/kill yourself and getting supporters for it just as bad or even worse than what he did?

I read the comments, I mean it wasn’t that bad … I mean, a lot of people here express themselves and their feelings like that … Maybe it’s the cultural differences … *SIGH* Dunno what to do anymore … I miss like a week of these kpop stuff and look what’s happened again … I feel like bad news just keeps coming one after another … and they seem to overpower all the good things happening … *goes to corner and cries* …

If I haven’t noticed it enough in the past, I’ve noticed it now … a lot of Korean Netizens are just C.R.A.Z.Y. (Now I just hope that I don’t end up becoming a celebrity in Korea and have someone dig up this post and say that I called Korean people crazy or something … I’m Korean too, and I think that people just need to CALM DOWN …)

Ever heard of empathy ? The word forgiveness ring a bell to people ?

COME BACK TO US, JAY ~ No matter what, you’ll always be our leadja ㅠ_ㅠ* !

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Missing You … <3

And like Wooyoung said,
 우리는 7명이 아니다
 우리는 하나다

사랑하는 리드자, 박재범 … I think that all of us can understand what you were going through at that time of your life … We all experience a time when we feel as if we don’t belong … But we fight through those times and I’m sure you have. After meeting new friends, your members, learning more about your culture. Learning, experiencing a time through a new life … it makes people stronger. The love and laughter you have given us is returned, as we love to see you laugh and smile. Your happiness is what counts and I hope you can grow and become stronger from this experience and return as an even better Park Jaebum … the leader, the hottest of them all. 사랑해요 박재범 … 그리고, 돌아와줘. 보고싶어요… 리드자 님 … 하…~

A 2PM without any one of the members … is not so hot … But Jay, 2PM members & Hottest — FIGHTING !!! 힘내 !!!

recently it feels as if all love leads to heartbreak </3

It’s like the Wonbin leaving FTI fiasco all over again except worse. Cuz unlike Wonbin, it wasn’t 100% his own full decision to leave … it’s kinda like he was forced to and finally just gave in… ㅠ_ㅠ

Oh…My…God… I Am So Stressed !!!!!
September 8, 2009, 3:38 pm
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OH GOD ! Someone just turn back the frickin’ time ….

School’s started up again, and I.DO.NOT.REMEMBER ANYTHING !!!