[090828] 2009 Mnet Summer Break 20’s Choice
August 30, 2009, 11:29 pm
Filed under: 2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, Awards, Epik High, Misc., Performances

The full awards show can be found at gaietyparodyfour’s channel ! If you don’t wanna search through the whole place after new videos are uploaded, just search for “twentieschoice” in the search box at the channel ! (just cuz i’m a bit lazy ~ to provide a link to all the parts — there are 14 ! )

So there are a bunch of messages and stuff about what’s important, what people have done and such in their 20’s. Makes me think if I’ll have accomplished anything significant by the time I get past the 20’s point in my life . . . @_@!

Anyways, there were performances by 2AM & Wheesung (includes a skit on the 20’s — the start of love & farewell), 2PM (includes a hockey skit xD), Boohwal & SG Wannabe2NE1, T-ara & Bada, etc… (cuz I can’t remember if there was anything else >.>) and of course you can’t forget about the awards ! I think, if I can remember correctly, that 2PM (&Nichkhun got his own award), 2NE1 & Lee Hyori got a bunch of awards ! So congratz to them and everyone else who received an award !~

Anyways, so I’ve been kinda out of it when it came to my Epik High fandom lately, and I kinda heard news about a new album coming some time in the near future — Tablo was on the show and he said that it’s coming out next month ! Excited ~~~!

Anyways, ENJOY !

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i’m not understand what are yaou saying about……you say “i’m korean” what is that mean??????are you MBLAQ member????? if korean people please teach me speak korea???? please!!!!!!!

Comment by faten aina suhana

ummm … i’m not really sure what you’re confused about o.o? i meant what it said, that i am korean.
but although i am korean, i can’t speak it really well, so im sorry … >.<

Comment by xitsyou

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