[090726] Oppa Band Ep6 + [090730] Kkotminam Pocha Ep6
July 31, 2009, 1:39 pm
Filed under: 2AM, Oppa Band, Variety Shows

credit the uploading of both shows to: randomRinnie @ youtube ^^~


Haha !~ =P The beginning was so obviously gonna be a hidden camera part ! lol. I knew right from the preview, cuz what would be the point of getting rid of Sungmin & Jungmo like 5 episodes into the show =P. But aww~ don’t cry Jungmo !!!

I can’t really remember fully what happened, cuz I watched this on Sunday and didn’t post it up until now >.> lol. But there was Heechul there during the band’s practice dancing to Sorryx2. Haha, he’s still his old crazy self xD!

This performance has got to be like once in a lifetime for Oppa Band (well maybe if they became super famous later on then who knows lol) cuz it was a performance infront of 10000 people (if i rmb correctly >.<). You get to see glimpses of Sungmin & Jungmo’s stomach (for all you pervs out there xD lol just kidding ~)

Kkotminam Pocha (Handsome Guys Carriage) – ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE

Well, the boys got an upgrade to a new and nicer set ~ lol. The guests for this episode are the boys of 2AM !!! :) Should be an exciting episode ^^~ (Well, something weird/random/crazy/funny is bound to happen with someone like Yesung on the show xD, but this time it’s upgraded with the added bonus of 2AM ^^v)

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