[090712/090719] FT Island Hangeul Island Season 2 Eps1,2 + [090727] FT Island & Brown Eyed Girls on Sukira + [090725] Hongki on Star Golden Bell

So me, being all bleh lately with my fandoms >.> didn’t even realize that this started already like 3 weeks ago ~.~ lol. And just so you know… I haven’t been able to watch any of these yet, but I will ! (most likely … o.o lol)

[090712] Ep1one two three (raw) (colloquie @ youtube)

[090719] Ep2one two three (subbed) (PrimadonnaSubs @ youtube)

I haven’t fully finished watching the first season yet >.< lol, but just felt like sharing these with you guys !~ (+plus, if I post it here then it’ll be a reminder to myself to finish watching it everytime i see this post xD)

FT Island & Brown Eyed Girls on Sukira (aka Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio) – one two three four (colloquie @ youtube)

Hongki on Star Golden Bell one two three four five six seven (colloquie @ youtube)

This one seems fun from the comments that I saw while getting the links xD! And Kim Joon’s there too ! (^^~)

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