Leeteuk & Eunhye on ISF ~
July 27, 2009, 4:44 pm
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Just being all *sigh-y* right now… lol

I feel like it’s a total drama that took an unsuspecting turn and ended up being all weird… (I immerse myself way too deeply into this show/couple btw >.<)

But the TeukHye couple was the one that I thought would’ve lasted like ’til the end ~ (They’re so cute together xD They make a nice couple! I wouldn’t mind if Teukie was actually going out with her =P) So some of the happy times that I wanted to share ! Before things got all messed up >.> lol…

I just want them to be happy, but if they were happy together then it would be like 100x better xD!

credits to: stuporsteam @ youtube

Teukie was sooo enjoying this ~ And lol at Eunhye’s answer to why she picked Eeteuk — cuz she felt a sense of sexiness on his dinosaur costume! lol! And he was turning all red =P

This was so adorable xD Especially Teukie’s cheesy pickup line ! But it was sweet as well ~ And he was like having some sort of coughing fit before kissing her too lol xD

I loved this confession part !~ Especially cuz of Teukie’s message with the 100, silver, sun (baek, eun, hae) <3 Awww…. so adorable ~!

I love Teukie’s version of the Three Bears song! And it was sweet of him to dance with Eunhye and do the heart sign and everything ~ And Teukie trying to make the rose-giving part all suspenseful ~.~ it was obvious as to who u were gonna pick (during those days anyways… )

Ahhh… well… what are you gonna do about it? Might as well try and detach myself from the couple … lol. Cuz getting too attached to these things is not a good idea.. ~.~

(and P.S… I thought the Chansung/Yui couple would’ve been all good with the Eeteuk/Eunhye couple, but I guess things change or something >.>)

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i was kinda mad when leeteuk rjected eunhye..i was like what the hell is his problem and i got pissed at the other girl..but then in the end eunhye got her revenge and i was thankful to seulong..then i learned that leetuk is kinda a playboy

Comment by peace

i know ! i felt the same way … (i just got way too into the show & the couple xP)
and yep! i believe that teukie is really like a playboy (unless that’s just his “image” lol)

Comment by xitsyou

Eun Hye seems like a good woman: don’t understand why some hinted that she needed to lose weight *cough Kyu Han *cough

It’s Teukie’s lost & Seulong’s win! ;)

Comment by danyestelle

i agree ! ^^
(but i still kinda wished it was Teukie & Eunhye at the end xP)

Comment by xitsyou

I don’t think so. I like Ran better. 씨발

Comment by Charlotte Chua

Everyone has their own opinions/preferences. But no need to swear :)

Comment by xitsyou

hi,,,I just watched the show this year and I still can’t move on from the fact that leeteuk and eunhye isn’t coupled till the last episode I watched…anyone knows if they were back with each others arms in the next next episode…I can not find any link about it anymore..hahaha please inform me

Comment by Gracey Drancel Bayating Sapigao

yup2…i luv these couple.i just watch the whole episode but leeteuk really hurt eunhye deeply.and the new partner of leeteuk,pak ran kind of has weird facial expression.n seems intentionally does performance unsuccessful to grab 1st i think it her charm but after a few episode and she still like that,mmm seem intentinally done.maybe just my imagination.i hope that eunhyeuk can be coupled with eun hye some day..hahahah same name

Comment by hazu

i swear i was so into their pairing while the show was on xD
they just looked so cute together =P

Comment by xitsyou

i agree to aLL of u guys, i think Leeteuk decided to change partners because he’s aLso worried with fans thinking that they’re reaLLy dating, he mentioned it once in the show, after they’ve become coupLe the 2nd time around..

just sucks, coz i aLso enjoyed their tandem, eunhye was nothing Like the other girLs, she’s very naturaL..i think everyone feLt the same, even ELFs..but u can aLso notice that Leeteuk kinda feLt bad or playing cooL whenever eunhye was partnered with someone..gosh, i’ve watched the series for the nth time and i reaLLy wished at the end they decided to choose each other, leeteuk and park ran doesn’t have any chemistry at aLL!!

Comment by brok38

ah~ maybe he was worried about a scandal? lol
but i still think that he should’ve just stuck with eunhye cuz i think they just matched really well together & for the fact that it seemed like they actually had a thing for each other xD
ah well.. what are you gonna do? lol.

Comment by xitsyou

in which variety shows did eeteuk mention that?? i want to watch it!!

i agree with you!eeteuk x ran just don’t have the chemistry at all!

Comment by gensy

haha! lots of teeuk x eunhye here :p
but if we look at eeteuk’s behaviour, we can see that he cares eunhye more than ran. especially when they match. if eeteuk matches with eunhye, he hugs here right away. with ran? he just smiles and stands next beside her.
i can’t help but think that this is what the PD wants to increase ratings or stuffs

Comment by gensy

i agree 100% that teukie & eunhye just have more chemistry ~
and yea.. the show was probably somewhat scripted and they made leeteuk choose ran just for added drama or something >.>

Comment by xitsyou

till this day, I can’t forgive park ran. her name seems similar to Snsd’s song, RDR. run devil Ran. kekeke
I find that eunhye is ex personel of I-13 gilrgroup. do you guys know it? :)

Comment by maynda

oh yea!
i think i remember reading that in one of the comments on YT =P

Comment by xitsyou

Is ep 57 the end? Or is there any ep 58? I am dying to watch the continuous story? thanks,

Comment by dewi

oh wow.. it’s been quite a while since i’ve watched the episodes… so i’m not really sure…
but it think ep57 was the last episode.

Comment by xitsyou

If the PD is truly at fault, I hate him/her so veryy much!!!! I just love Lee Teuk and Eun Hye! They’re very cute together!! >,////<

Comment by Ceneysca

Haha, yeah. xP

And I just love how it’s been so long since the show ended but people are still commenting on this couple :P

Comment by xitsyou

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