[090718] ISF + Star King + Star Golden Bell
July 19, 2009, 2:06 pm
Filed under: 2PM, Introducing Stars Friends, SNSD, Star Golden Bell, Star King

ISFone two three four five six

OMG! I was really getting attached to the TeukHye (?) couple …. How could you ditch her for someone else teukie !!! >.< I really like Eunhye <3 She seems really down to earth and nice xD LOL I loved her in that rock paper scissors toy hammer game =P

And finally at the end someone who’s actually an Eunhyuk fan came on the show (she’s some new trot artist that debuted. you might have seen her on music shows and on star golden bell too). Oh! and Seulong came and the CGs they made for his revealing were so jks!

Star Kingone two three four five six seven eight

I’ve only watched like up to part 3 which is like the star & fan dancing stuff and the 18 yr. old opera singer person (wait.. at least i think he was 18 o.o lol i can’t seem to remember properly…)

Star Golden Bellone two three four five six seven

Haven’t watched it yet, but it has SNSD as the guests. I only watched like this one cut of it where they were talking about SHINee xD

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