[090711] Star Golden Bell + ISF Survival
July 11, 2009, 1:25 pm
Filed under: 2AM, Introducing Stars Friends, SHINee, Star Golden Bell

I didn’t get to watching any of these yet, but I probably will by the end of today ! (cuz i can’t miss these xD)

Star Golden Bell (SHINee & 2AM): one two three four five six seven (koreangirl123456 @ youtube)

hehehe ~! SHINee is so cute here (although Taemin is missing >.< … i was kinda hoping for all 5 of them to be there !) anyways… for some reason, after watching this, I all of a sudden went like “OMG! I really like Onew ~!” lol. Cuz i always liked them and all, but I kept focusing on Taemin more since he’s my favourite, but now all of a sudden I’m like hmm… during some random time, Onew made it up my list somehow xD

AND who can forget 2AM!!!! They were there too (well.. just Seulong & Changmin), and I really wish they were having a comeback again ~ cuz I really miss seeing them on shows and being able to see them sing like a hundred times on stage every week xD (and I kinda wish they had more exposure and were promoted more instead of 2PM getting all the attention — cuz after all, they are together in this! One Day ftw!!!~ xD)

ISF Survival: one two three four five six (randomRinnie @ youtube)

After watching them interact together for like 3 or 4 weeks now, I really like Eeteuk & Eunhye together; they look so cute ! <3 lol. I wouldn’t mind if they actually starting going out xD. But I’d be like devestated if they ever parted ways and picked someone else to be a couple with !!! =O (well.. maybe not devestated but kinda sad.. :( )

But to Chansung, I was like omg! how could you do that to Yui (i still dunno how to properly romanize her name -.-)! I kinda felt like they would be all cute together and stick to each other like teukie and eunhye >.< Although judging from last week, it kinda seemed like he was wavering a bit and drifting away from her >.< (I really wanted the Chansung&Yui and Eeteuk&Eunhye couple to be like the lasting ones =O)

Anyways, so Jaebum made his comeback to ISF after being eliminated from the first ISF survival episode xD. Ah!~ and I heard his “It’s a conspiracy” line again ! (pretty sure it’s from this show… cuz I watched it yesterday and I kinda forgot >.> My memory isn’t all that good… lol!)

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