[090702] Big Bang – My Heaven Performance
July 2, 2009, 5:49 pm
Filed under: Big Bang, Performances

credit: YoDubu02 @ youtube

Weee!~ I really love this song!!! (천국 (Heaven) is like my favourite Big Bang song :D! so it being in japanese makes no diff to me lol except 4 the fact that i’m just used to it more in the korean version xD)

But for this performance … the stage seems like really kinda small …. for 5 people … lol ^^;;

(just like the others, im gonna edit when i watch it cuz i only watched like the first 30 secs of the vid when i was getting the link xD)

I just gotta say that … GD’s hair… not really loving it (maybe it’s that headband thing around his head >.>) …. and why can’t I remember the last time that he had normal, regular looking hair? and TOP’s hair is kinda iffy too O.o I’m thinking that the 3 main singers consistently have had the best hair (maybe with minor o.o’s lol)

So I’m not fully used to the japanese version, but I like it anyways cuz it’s Heaven xD

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