[090726] Oppa Band Ep6 + [090730] Kkotminam Pocha Ep6
July 31, 2009, 1:39 pm
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credit the uploading of both shows to: randomRinnie @ youtube ^^~


Haha !~ =P The beginning was so obviously gonna be a hidden camera part ! lol. I knew right from the preview, cuz what would be the point of getting rid of Sungmin & Jungmo like 5 episodes into the show =P. But aww~ don’t cry Jungmo !!!

I can’t really remember fully what happened, cuz I watched this on Sunday and didn’t post it up until now >.> lol. But there was Heechul there during the band’s practice dancing to Sorryx2. Haha, he’s still his old crazy self xD!

This performance has got to be like once in a lifetime for Oppa Band (well maybe if they became super famous later on then who knows lol) cuz it was a performance infront of 10000 people (if i rmb correctly >.<). You get to see glimpses of Sungmin & Jungmo’s stomach (for all you pervs out there xD lol just kidding ~)

(now for some Yesung ^^ …)

[090712/090719] FT Island Hangeul Island Season 2 Eps1,2 + [090727] FT Island & Brown Eyed Girls on Sukira + [090725] Hongki on Star Golden Bell

So me, being all bleh lately with my fandoms >.> didn’t even realize that this started already like 3 weeks ago ~.~ lol. And just so you know… I haven’t been able to watch any of these yet, but I will ! (most likely … o.o lol)

[090712] Ep1one two three (raw) (colloquie @ youtube)

[090719] Ep2one two three (subbed) (PrimadonnaSubs @ youtube)

I haven’t fully finished watching the first season yet >.< lol, but just felt like sharing these with you guys !~ (+plus, if I post it here then it’ll be a reminder to myself to finish watching it everytime i see this post xD)

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Mnet Super 100 Stars You Want to Go on Vacation With
July 30, 2009, 8:11 pm
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So here’s a new list from Mnet, it’s not completed yet, so you can check back to see if there’s more videos of people on the list (it’s usually just idol group members’ clips that i can find on youtube >.< although not many people are uploading clips of people on YT) Found some more !~ lol

(Your ideal stars?…)

21st Century Idol Army Ep1-3
July 30, 2009, 7:59 pm
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I think the uploader for this show got suspended (>.>) so yea…

[090710] Ep1one two three four (kinda out of sync but still watchable)

[090717] Ep2one two three four five

[090724] Ep3one two three four

credits to: heamil [clubbox] + gaietyparodythree @ youtube for uploading ^^

This show is actually really interesting and very informative about idols of the past & present.

It shows idol groups from debut and so far they featured artists such as BoA, Rain, Se7en, Big Bang, DBSK, some SJ members, SHINee, etc…

MCs – Ep1+2 (Changmin (2AM) & Hwang Hyunhee)
MCs – Ep3 (Jo Bin (Norazo) & Hwang Hyunhee)

(click for more of what was shown so far…)

Leeteuk & Eunhye on ISF ~
July 27, 2009, 4:44 pm
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Just being all *sigh-y* right now… lol

I feel like it’s a total drama that took an unsuspecting turn and ended up being all weird… (I immerse myself way too deeply into this show/couple btw >.<)

But the TeukHye couple was the one that I thought would’ve lasted like ’til the end ~ (They’re so cute together xD They make a nice couple! I wouldn’t mind if Teukie was actually going out with her =P) So some of the happy times that I wanted to share ! Before things got all messed up >.> lol…

I just want them to be happy, but if they were happy together then it would be like 100x better xD!

(TeukHye – the happy times…)

[090725] ISF Survival
July 25, 2009, 11:08 pm
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one two three four five six (randomRinnie @ youtube)

Hehe ~ I’m so glad that Eunhyuk is finally getting some attention from the girls … Although … it’s kinda strange that the girl who would always reject him in the first episode of ISF Survival suddenly comes back and decides that she likes him … >.>

 BUT! NOO!!!~
Awww…. I was really attached to the TeukHye couple >.< I wish teukie went back to Eunhye … but sadly no… :(
and I also really love the Chansung & Yui couple as well ! But he like got all her hopes up after picking her for the game portion ~.~ and then went and picked someone else …. I don’t really like the Bomi & Chansung couple >.<
It’s so sad that Yui’s gone now….

But seriously, it’s like i’m watching some sort of drama and one of the main characters who are so meant to be with someone decides to be all stupid and keeps going to another girl … (*cough*teuk*cough* … not calling you stupid or anything, but, I thought you guys would last … why the sudden change of heart?)

*sighs* They were a really nice couple … and it was good while it lasted … but I’m starting to lose hope in Teukie getting back with Eunhye now that she’s trying to move on and he keeps picking someone else … :(

Ninja Assassin Official Trailer
July 24, 2009, 7:22 pm
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credit: Warner Bros. + dukedik1 @ youtube for uploading !

OH EM GEE! Like OMG! I swear I’m like overly excited about this movie especially cuz RAIN’S in it !!! It looks awesome and he’s worked really hard for this movie so I really hope that it does well !

The movie will be released on November 25th this year, so we still got another 4 months (way too long ㅠ_ㅠ) until it comes out !

SJ-World Birthday Projects – Yesung & Kibum
July 24, 2009, 6:45 pm
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So new birthday projects for Yesung & Kibum are starting at SJ-World ! Very basic info on what’s going on given below — click on the banners for more info on each of the projects !

Yesung’s project will include a scrapbook with the fans photo holding a sign of lyrics in different languages that will create songs !~
Deadline: Aug. 13th

Kibum’s project will be one where he will be sent postcards from fans from all over the world.
Deadline: All postcards must be received before Aug. 20th


Epik High “Remixing the Human Soul”
July 22, 2009, 5:34 pm
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 Remixing the Human Soul
OMG! So check out and mapthesoul’s channel at youtube for more updates and info !
Seriously, I cannot wait to hear how the new remixes sound like! I’ve only watched the teaser so far and they sound good! I think I like the sound of 1분 1초, a little memory & you are the one the best so far from what I heard in the teaser ! But I’m sure they’re all awesome cuz Epik High is awesome !
EPIK ! Like, REALLY, just EPIK ! Hidden Track = LOL ! Watch the making of it, like seriously !~ xD
(click for tracklist…)

[090719] Oppa Band Ep5
July 21, 2009, 5:22 pm
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one two three four five (randomRinnie @ youtube)

Wee!~ It’s Oppa Band’s first actual performance at an actual concert ! (They were guests for Kim Gunmo’s concert in Busan) Yoo Youngsuk couldn’t make it cuz of an injury and was being hospitalized during this episode.

They looked like they were having so much fun in the beginning and then they headed off to the concert location to rehearse. They were getting pointers from Kim Gunmo and the dance that he made for Tak Jaehoon & Seo Inyoung during Shin Dongyup’s bass solo made me burst out laughing for some reason xD

And once again, Tak Jaehoon seems to be the problem in the instrument playing ^^;; and he gets the jack pulled out of his guitar again =P So then Sungmin got promoted to first guitar while Jungmo was drumming again ~ (woot! minnie did well and that’s a good thing cuz he was like the only one playing the guitar :P)

Problems arise once again when they actually have to be on stage cuz of Tak Jaehoon and his lateness cuz apparently he was taking a shower? >.> lol… Everyone looked so nervous (maybe it’s the band thing, but ming has been infront of way bigger audiences than this, and he looks nervous anyways xD) And thankfully, he audience seemed really into the performances !~ (glad that there wasn’t a repeat of the hospital performance … that version of Gee was truthfully … not very… good imo >.<)

Next week looks like hidden camera time ! (and let’s hope that it is a hidden camera cuz if it’s not, min suggested that he should leave the band and that’s a big =/)