[090613] 세바퀴 (Sebaqui/Change the World Quiz)
June 15, 2009, 7:12 pm
Filed under: Jo Sungmo, Sebaqui

Full show can be found here at MochiSJ’s channel !

Guests were: Jo Sungmo, Leeteuk and Yesung (Super Junior), Chaeyeon and etc..

So they really weren’t doing too much during the show, but there were some LOL-y parts ^^~ like the random sorryx2 dance to the older ladies who were going crazy xD especially Lee Kyungshil haha she was doing some random crazy dancing XDXDXD

Then there was a part where they asked a question about women who wear miniskirts and yesung was the only guy who got it right xD so the MCs ask him about it and while he was talking, it was soo hilarious cuz while he was talking he was like digging himself deeper into a hole cuz of the women and him talking to try and save himself =P hmm.. Oh and there were some impersonations by yesung which were pretty good ~

Teukie had a pretend argument with kim shinyoung who started talking like crazy and saying all these random things and teukie couldn’t even get a word in xD and well he lost that battle ^^;; LOL

Hehe~ I wish they got more screentime, but there were other guests too which I failed to talk about in this post LOL =P

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