2PM – 니가 밉다 (I Hate You) MV
June 30, 2009, 11:40 am
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credit: Symbelmyns @ youtube

So it’s one of those MVs where they just show like the course of their careers and behind the scenes type of stuff ! Even though it had like nothing to do with the song (LOL) I still liked it cuz it showed kinda like flashbacks from before !~ and it’s amazing to see how big they’ve gotten in such a short amount of time (it hasn’t even been a year yet ! =P) ~~~!

And plus, this song has been stuck in my head for like the past few days ^^~

Mnet Super 100 You’re My Boyfriend


the list is getting kinda long so i decided to put it all under the cut !~ lol
(the only people i can really find on YT are members from DBSK, SJ, 2PM, SHINee and Big Bang … can’t really find that many other people >.<)

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YaShimManMan 2 Preview for next week (SJ – LT, KI, EH, YS)
June 29, 2009, 4:37 pm
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credit: Sup3rJunior @ youtube

Wee!~ can’t wait for next week !!!

And I actually thought Eunhyuk’s hair looked okay after the wind blast xD ~

[090627/090628] Oppa Band Track 2 + Introducing Stars Friends Survival + Star King + Fantasy Couple (Eunhyuk Cuts)

Oppa Band Track 2 ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE (credit: randomRinnie @ youtube)

Ahhh~ so i really do hope that the ratings went up at least a little bit from last week if we wanna keep this show going !!!!~

So they get a new singer, Seo Inyoung (Jewelry member + had a fake marriage with Crown J on WGM), and she has a nice voice !~ Better than Park Hyunbin i would say cuz his voice is just too trot-ish lol ! So their next performance is gonna be one for their friends and family and they all practice songs together and little separate performances. But before that, they all go to eat at Tak Jaehoon’s house where you can see his, Yoo Youngsuk and Shin Dongyup’s wife and they tell stories about their husbands which some of them were kinda >< . Cuz they were talking about what the guys did on the day that they were giving birth to their kids and apparently, after he saw that his daughter was ok and everything after birth, he went golfing !!! and Tak Jaehoon and Yoo Youngsuk both went out to drink and stuff so i was like >< lol. And there was a guitar+song performance by sungmin+jungmo of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” ^^~.

and OMG lol ! at when sungmin was leaving in his van to meet up with the rest of the band members, the random male fan that looked so happy to shake hands with ming xD

Well anyways, then it’s the concert, where you can see sungmin’s mom & dad clearly xD! and also, Heechul came too and you can see glimpses of him at his table =P. So they perform their songs (and sungmin sings the opening song … with his PINK guitar ! comeback of his pink-ness? xD), and have small solo performances. Sungmin does a magic show, Yoo Youngsuk sings while playing the piano for his wife, Shin Dongyup and his daughter sing “아빠 힘내세요” (something like “Dad, have strength” or something like that) to his dad, Jungmo does a guitar solo to DBSK’s “Mirotic”, Tak Jaehoon does a harmonica performance to “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls (with Seo Inyoung&Sungmin as the back dancers xD) and Kim Gura and his song Donghyun sing some song and it’s kinda lol.

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[090626] Music Bank – Half Year Special
June 27, 2009, 5:23 pm
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Even with all the bad things that happened during yesterday’s Music Bank (hope everyone feels better and gets lots of rest >.<) there were still many memorable performances during the show so i just wanted to post them up so you can enjoy them too !~

Full show here: ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT thx to m5mikee @ youtube for uploading !~

(edited with some performances that i missed)

(Click for separate performances!…)

[090626] Music Bank — Series of Accidents … >.<
June 27, 2009, 12:31 pm
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Super Junior SungMin has injured his knee.

He had fell down during the rehearsal for KBS 2TV Music Bank on 26th June and had hurt his knees.

A staff revealed that SungMin was helped offstage after the accident. A SM representative also added, “He was sent to the hospital for stitching after the accident.”

But even though he is injured, SungMin will still be performing on stage tonight on Music Bank. The SM representative said, “SungMin wanted very much to perform. So he will still be performing tonight as planned.”

Meanwhile, there will be loads of special and combeack staged lined up tonight for KBS Music Bank.

original articles; newsen
translated article; sookyeong@kbites

Bizarre incidents continue on Music Bank. Apparently at the end of the broadcast where all the performers gathered on stage for the award, one of the light fixtures fell. The unfortunate person standing right below was Onew. Luckily, Super Junior members Shiwon and Kyuhyun were able to grab it before it hit him, but Onew was so shocked by the incident that he fainted and was carried backstage on one of the managers’ backs. In order to make sure everything was ok, he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Earlier that day during rehearsals, Super Junior Sungmin sipped over a stage prop (because of 2ne1 water still on the floor), fell, and cut his knee which required stitches. Music Bank needs to take a serious look into their safety measures.

source:….HTML?did=1179m + little change following soundscape report
credit: ♥

Also, Onew also injured his leg during his performance and you can see him limping in the 2nd fancam =( and more people like Taecyeon and Junsu of 2PM also slipped and fell down as well…

Click more for fancams…

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[090625] 꽃미남 포차 (Handsome Guys Carriage)
June 26, 2009, 8:52 pm
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So the first episode w/ yesung MCing is out now !~ CLICK HERE !

So I haven’t watched it yet, so i have no idea what it’s gonna be about or what happens in it, but enjoy anyways ~ xD

Well it’s a talkshow, but a more kind of relaxed type of talkshow where they get to eat and drink (alcohol as well) and talk to their guests ! (and there were A LOT of guests lol, they come and go xD i think it’s cuz it was the first episode and they called people to come and congratulate them or something ~)

So some of Yesung’s dorky highlights that i enjoyed the most ^^:

  • him asking actor Ricky Kim what his relationship with Ricky Martin was just cuz they have the same names xD (back to FAIL!yesung like in EHB !~)
  • him doing his unique beatboxing until one of the guests finish rapping, which by then yesung looked like he just used up all the air that he had in his lungs xD
  • he also asks the weirdest/randomest questions to the guests (guess that’s why he’s known as having a 4-dimentional personality like heechul xD although i think that heechul would be considered more crazy, while yesung’s just more random =P)

So next week i think it’s down to just the regular few guests that talkshows normally have and they talk and play games and stuff !~

Oppa Band — Long Term Project?
June 25, 2009, 6:06 pm
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MBC Ilbam’s new corner “Oppa band” has become a long-term project.

One person from the show’s production team said “Firstly, they’ll have to improve their instruments playing skill and write songs that attract people. We’ve planned to make an album with those songs, also let them appear on Music core and other music shows, as well as there might be a national tour”

He also said “Although there is Yoo Youngseok who is capable of writing songs and mainly do it but every members of the band will have their own chance to show their ability of working to make songs”

original article is here
translated by
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extra info from

the first episode of “Oppa band” has brought the record of rating to MBC Ilbam part 2 with 3.5% (MBC Ilbam part 1 “We got married” was rated 3.6%) but it’s nothing in compared with the 2 shows that aired at the same time which are KBS Happy Sunday “2 days 1 nights” with 20.1% and SBS Good Sunday part 1 “Family outing” with 23.2% & part 2 “Gold Miss” with 9.3%.

So i guess we shouldn’t have our hopes set up too high for this happening cuz of the low ratings…. I actually enjoyed watching this show… and i could hope that this would happen, so i better pray for more viewers to tune in to “Oppa Band”

Super Junior Kyochon CHicken CF
June 25, 2009, 3:27 pm
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credit: ShinySHINee1 @ youtube

xD lol this was just cute so i decided to post it on here ~

[090626] 대결 노래가좋다 (Song Battle)
June 25, 2009, 12:43 pm
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Just saw this in my youtube subscriptions and decided to post it here !~ CLICK HERE !

Haven’t watched it yet… but it’s MC Leeteuk ! and Sungmin + Eunhyuk as guests (which is all i got from the side descriptions, so i dunno who else is there xD)

(u know i realized how stupid i am when i posted this and forgot to give the link >.< lol)

(click for more anchovy & danhobak…)